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Kitchen Work Surfaces

Creativity doesn’t have to stop with your furniture but can extend to your worktop. Durable with easy-clean technology, our range of work surfaces offer individuality in your kitchen. The work surface is a key element in the appeal of the final kitchen design.


Laminate Worktops

With a large choice of designs, thicknesses and profiles laminate worktops offer a popular and affordable choice for busy families.



Corian’s superb all-round quality makes it the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops.


Solid Wood

Browse our extensive collection of timber worktops that features a wide range of wood species in a variety of sizes up to 4m long and 1240mm wide.



This hardwearing and durable material is extremely hygienic and hard wearing, giving you a perfect worktop for your home


Granite Worktops

One of the hardest materials on earth and incredibly easy to clean. As a natural material, no two pieces are ever exactly alike with variation in thickness, colour, grain and vein offering a unique finish that man-made substances can’t match.


Dekton Worktops

Dekton worktops are one of the newest ultra compact solid surface worktops with an excellent portfolio of features that will make it a keen contender as the solid surface worktop of choice in the years to come.


Compact Laminate

Completely waterproof, these work surfaces are also resistant to heat and wear ensuring they are durable enough to withstand the hectic conditions in a busy household.