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Handleless Kitchens

There are so many kitchen styles to choose from it can seem like a daunting task deciding on which style to choose. A Handleless kitchen offers unique benefits in looks and style. This guide aims to give you everything you need to know about Handleless kitchens, to help you make the best choice possible.

The Handleless Kitchen

The Handless Kitchen has been around for some time now, once considered niche, its popularity seems to only be growing stronger and stronger with many style options coming to market.

The handleless kitchen is a popular choice, and with good reason! For those who go for a more minimalistic styled kitchen with clean sleek lines, Handleless has become the design of choice. Available in a large range of finishes: gloss, matt or wood in a wide choice of painted colours, this design can be easily adapted to accommodate all tastes.

The Handless design is a very popular choice for open plan living spaces and very often-using two contrasting colours for doors and worktops. When you want to achieve an open and airy feel to your kitchen, Handleless kitchens are perfect in this space allowing for also other furniture options to match the style of your kitchen within the space.

All Kitchen retailers offer a handleless kitchen, but what is the difference between them all? How do you know what is worth the money and most importantly the true handleless kitchen can be complex, does the retailer or designer have the experience in the installation process.


There are three types of Handleless kitchens: A style where the rail is built into the cabinet leaving an option for a slab or shaker frontal, the J-Profile door a very popular choice and the shaker with built in handle (Shown below).

True-handless Explained

True Handleless kitchen units are different, instead of the ‘handle’ being built into the door, a channel is attached to the cabinet to allow the door to be opened from the top or the side. The channel that runs along the top of the door is a beautiful clean line and available in different colour options and materials.

You get what you pay for! The True Handleless kitchen door will give you that stunning and sleek Handleless kitchen design with unbroken lines, rather than looking like a plain door missing a handle. To achieve this look there are many components to the system required such as end caps, corner pieces etc. The true handless kitchen is often more expensive than the standard kitchen due to the additional cabinetry work and the addition of the rail system.

Appliances in a Handleless kitchen??

The idea of the Handleless look is that you are trying to create clean lines, to avoid spoiling this look, avoid freestanding appliances and instead aim for integrated appliances that you can effectively ‘hide’ from view. It’s important to keep that Handleless rail flowing continuously through the kitchen. Poorly chosen appliances, whether it’s their size or type, could affect this line. You will need to check your appliances because not all appliances are compatible with the handleless kitchen.

It is worth seeking the help of a professional to avoid later problems when installing appliances. But do not worry, at Ultra Bespoke we have a wealth of experience and will make sure that your design will suit your lifestyle perfectly and you don’t come across issues during the installation process.

Designing your Handleless kitchen

It’s always best to get a professional involved in your kitchen design, we have so much experience and expertise from years of working on different kitchen projects, we can offer you advice and design options that you might not have thought of. However, if you are considering putting together a design yourself, here are a few things to think about…

  • Carefully think about where your appliances are going to be sited and whether you’re going for drawers or cupboards. The large drawers that a lot of our handleless customers opt for often look best all in a line together, similarly with the tall storage units; they look best when together.
  • How minimalist do you want to go? Decide the look and feel you want to give your kitchen first. If minimalist is your thing, then go for basic colours and textured doors and worktops. However, if you’re looking add a bit of character, then consider playing about with colourful units or textured doors.
  • You may want to consider contrasting textures or colours, whether that’s contrasting the units with the walls, or contrasting floor and wall units.
  • Corners in Handleless kitchens can look fantastic and really give your kitchen the wow factor. Something which is not achievable using other unit types is the ability to continue your design lines around corners.
  • Storage is another consideration. If you’re after the clutter-free or minimalist look to your kitchen, you should look carefully at the storage options available.
  • Get in touch with us if you’d like a handleless kitchen design. Contact Page.

    How much will it cost?

    As you can probably guess, it depends on how big your kitchen is and what storage units you’ve chosen. Our prices start at as little as £2,600. We do offer you better quality units than most high street retailers, manufacturing them ourselves here in Northumberland with the ability to offer bespoke options. Our designers take time and consideration when planning your kitchen rather than the quick turnaround service and pressured sales you will receive at high street retailers. Our kitchens are competitively priced where we are confident you will receive value for money.

    True Handleless kitchens usually work out more expensive than their handled counterpart, but they’re rarely more than 12% more expensive. This is a small price to pay to achieve such an incredible finish to your kitchen.

    Open Living

    As open plan living becomes more of a trend and, indeed a necessity in smaller properties, Handleless kitchens have become the go to option as they offer a smooth transition between living spaces and the kitchen area. There are other advantages that Handleless kitchens have over other kinds of kitchen designs:

    • More hygienic as there are less places for dirt and grime to hide.
    • A Handleless kitchen design can offer a seamless divide between kitchen area and dining/ living areas.
    • Safer than kitchens with handles on their doors, no awkward handles for children to run into.
    • Choosing a handless kitchen does make choosing your kitchen easier as it eliminates one of the items it can be hardest to decide on.. The handles!
    • Handles are a giveaway that a kitchen is older. Handleless kitchens don’t look outdated as quickly as kitchens with shaker doors and handles.


    If you’re interested in getting a quote on a True Handleless kitchen then speak to us today. We’ll talk you through the process and discuss your design to give you your dream kitchen for less than you think. Call us today on 0191 4879089, or email:

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