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A game changer for semi-professional taps. Smart, safe and stunning; with features like the measuring function, multi-stage filtration, touch-safe spout, intuitive safety controls and super-strong titanium boiler that have been engineered to be better. The EVOL-S Pro semi-professional 4-in1 Boiling and 3-in-1 Filtered water taps make kitchen life easier every day. The brilliantly unique measuring function is a rotary dial and touch control where you set the volume of water you need, and it delivers precisely that amount. The EVOL-S […]

Kitchen Lighting

If you have a large kitchen also, the chances are that it could act as the main family room in the house too so it may also be a place to study, read or watch TV.  Lighting choice will also depend on whether you have high or low ceilings and if chosen correctly, can complement the overall design. Identify Key Zones A good starting point is to break down lighting requirements by areas of the kitchen space.  You’ll need bright […]

Kitchen Extension

Many potential buyers and especially those with young families, consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home and for this reason, kitchens really do sell houses so focussing your efforts on this is a great option if you’re considering moving in the future.   Here we have a few ideas which will inspire you and help you transform a small, cramped kitchen into a larger enticing space for cooking, dining, entertaining and living. Determine Your Budget What you […]

Handleless Kitchens

There are so many kitchen styles to choose from it can seem like a daunting task deciding on which style to choose. A Handleless kitchen offers unique benefits in looks and style. This guide aims to give you everything you need to know about Handleless kitchens, to help you make the best choice possible. The Handleless Kitchen The Handless Kitchen has been around for some time now, once considered niche, its popularity seems to only be growing stronger and stronger […]

Furniture with Blum fittings

Furniture with Blum fittings The right product for every living area The design and function of furniture differ depending on living area. Our comprehensive range offers the right fittings solution for many different living and working worlds. Kitchens Nowhere else are the aspects ‘beautiful’ and ‘practical’ as important as in the kitchen. Merging cooking, dining and living space is still very much en vogue. Our practical fittings solutions support this design trend. Living rooms Wouldn’t it be nice to have […]